Default ICS MODS

*due to confusion and mike1986 roms as 3 and 4 are being phased out. i only have the ICS mods up for now...6.5.X

*install 4G mod with version your running on your phone

*3/11/12 4G icon for 6.5.X XE version
*3/11/12 4G icon for 6.5.X NON.XE version
**3/12/12 Leedroid_Tweaks_Sensation_newBase.4Gicon
**3/12/12 Leedroid_Tweaks_Sensation_newBase_APM.4Gicon
**3/12/12 Leedroid_Tweaks_Sensation_newBase_nontrans.4Gicon
**3/12/12 Leedroid_Tweaks_Sensation_newBase_nontrans_APM.4Gi con
S-ON HBT 3.16 FRMWRE 1.12.531.19TWRP ARHD 5.0
KRNL teaMSeven.Perf
RDO 1.14.21331931.LA02_2G
S-ON HBT 1.56 FRMWRE 4.19.531.10 TWRP ARHD 62.0
KRNL teaMSeven.Perf
RDO 4A.25.3263.21_10.38x.1157.04L