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@Kaik541, can i PM you?

another report (this is on my build, but i also tested yours all good)

internal sdcard appears under /mnt/sdcard/, external sdcard under /mnt/sdcard/external_sd/, both with rw permissions.

Kaik, all good man. no worries, also factory reset was not needed.

edit: (thinking ahead) for anyone trying to catch up on this internal/external stack/mount points stuff, read this post.
feel free to PM, I usually see them and can respond pretty quickly. glad to see the patches up on gerrit work properly now (what a silly typo). the only potential problem I see right now is switching the mountpoints if you don't have an external SD card (why would you do this though?). I just need some evidence/proof that extended usage won't lead to the "random disappearing files" bug that seemed to hit the SGS2.
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