I compared NV item dumps of Kaiser, pre-prod Wings and prod Wings.
NV item stands for Non Volatile configuration item and is kind of a registry database for the radio ROM.

I made a very interesting discovery and I think this is the solution !!
It's NV item 148 called "NV_RF_CONFIG_I"

For Kaiser and pre-prod Wings the value is:
            NV item: 148 [NV_RF_CONFIG_I], index 0

               NV_RF_CONFIG_I 0: 11
and for production Wings it is:
            NV item: 148 [NV_RF_CONFIG_I], index 0

               NV_RF_CONFIG_I 0: 0b
With QPST program "RF NV Item Manager" I wrote the production Wings value of NV item 148 to my Kaiser and tried GPS and guess what? No fix
Then I reset it to the original value and yes, got a fix again !
To be sure I tried this again and the behaviour is systematic

So guys, who is the first to enable GPS on his production model??

And then let the donations pour in. I want a Wings for myself
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