To have Effective Memory Manager and Hard-to-kill Launcher.
Here's the instruction.

This will install script in init.d to have SuperCharger by zeppelinrox.
Original thread here.

1. Download the latest script ( ) here.
2. Paste it on your sdcard.
3. Download on Market the "Script Manager".
4. On Script Manager, click the script you downloaded on number 1.
5. Tick "Run as root". (DON'T choose Run on boot!)
6. Then Press Run.
7. The script will display some text, after that select 1 as scrolling speed. (Ignore busybox warning, our x10 is safe don't worry. :P )
8. When the options were display, Choose 6 (Ledded - Balanced, under 512 HP Category)
9. The script will execute, just wait until it finishes.
10. Then reboot.

ALL CREDITS goes to zeppelinrox for this wonderful script/program.