It's that time agains! A newate for the T.E.A.M has just landed!


* Framework:
- all text color bugs in system apps are gone
- fixed pattern unlock mis-alignment
- fixed battery icon mod images, thanks to sparkdroid

* SemcGenericUxpRes
- fixed keyboard disappearing while typing in search fields (Woo! Yeah! )

* Gmail (Transparent)
- Enhanced readability for unread emails in conversation list
(darker background for read mails)

* Google Talk
- Updated to 1.3 version, inverted to black

* SE Launcher
- Updated to 2.1.A.0.7 version
- Fixed black text on black popup
- Improved animations' durations for increased speed and smoothness

* Phonebook
- Fixed black text on black popup and white text on white background on contact default number selection
- Fixed background dimness to enhance readability on light colored wallpapers

* Phone
- Removed all purple elements

* Google Quick Search Box
- Transparent black version

* init.d Support
- Added init.d support for stock kernel

* init.d Tweaks ~ thanks ThJap
- Lagfix
- Kernel Control
- SD card speed
- VM
- Ram Booster

* Fonts
- New fonts, with edited width for improved readability

NOTE: Everyone should update (either you flashed a beta version or not).
It doesn't matter which kernel you use!
Also, you can flash this directly if you are still on V2.3. Meaning you can skip v3 and v3.1.
This is a single zip including all the recent changes since v2.3.

NOTE 2: Users with purple theme, flash the update normally and then flash the Purple Updated theme if you want to keep the purpleness!

DOWNLOAD TEAM_v3.5.zip (14.63 MB)

DOWNLOAD THEME TEAM_Purple_For_v3.5.zip (20.36 MB)

All new files will also be available in AppMan tomorrow!
Thanks for all your support!