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24th October 2011, 04:01 AM
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Prior betas are here

Latest -=V6 SuperCharger=- is Black Dog-63457

Looking for the -= Maximum Overdrive=- Multitasking Mod?

Check out the new -=Ultimate Jar Power Tools=- Thread!

Kick Ass Kernelizer Help File! (Abbreviated)

The Kick Ass Kernelizer

What Does The Kick Ass Kernelizer Do?

Memory Management++

MFK Calculator Info - explanation for vm.min_free_kbytes
LinuxInsight - The /proc filesystem documentation (Fantastic!)
XDA [REF] Startup script speed tweaks OP by hardcore
XDA Speed up your system with the noop scheduler

TCP Speed & Security

Security and Hardening the TCP/IP stack to SYN attacks
3G TurboCharger Help File! (Abbreviated)

The 3G TurboCharger

In case of connection issues, see the notes in the 3G TurboCharger section at the top of /system/build.prop!

Homework/Background Info... see the folllowing links for resources used.

XDA Thread 1
XDA Thread 2
XDA Thread 3

Wi-Fi AfterBurner.

XDA Thread (Faster WIFI - N Standard Enabling)

The 3g build.prop tweaks aren't really anything new... but I did put a new spin on it! ;^]

You can find various individual configurations but as far as I know, my script is the only one that lets the user choose from more than one configuration.
Before Updating V6 SuperCharger, Wipe Caches! (It's a menu option now!!)
This is just a precaution in the event that you experience any lag and lessen the chance of bootloops...

If XDA attchments aren't working, I sometimes post files at
Afterwards, when attachments work again, I upload here as well

Change Logs:

Updated Feb 11, 2013: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC12 Test 6
- Bugfix - Manual install of services.jar in Jelly ISCream Parlor (didn't find services.jar... blind ass script )
- Reworked - Flush-O-Matic again - got rid of the while loop as well
- Tweaked - BulletProof_Apps and One-Shot scripts - got rid of the while loops again
- Tweaked - come code (got rid of many of "wc -l" commands - Thanks to gu5t3r for constructive feedback!)

Updated Feb 7, 2013: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC12 Test 3 & 4
- Bugfix - the check for busybox applets... oops
- Bugfix - FOM loop check

Updated Feb 6, 2013: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC12 Test 2
- Tweaked - bOOM Stick... some more... even more extra speed.
- Bugfixed - Flush-O-Matic and BulletProof_Apps not exiting previous instance properly.
- Tweaked - Code a bit - the check for busybox applets

Updated Feb 5, 2013: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC12 Test 1
- Added - SPEED!! - to the bOOM Stick... zOOM and vROOM are both much faster... especially the zOOM... zOOM... Stick! lol
- Revamped - Flush-O-Matic - not all busyboxes have the start-stop-daemon so added and gave priority to the nohup applet. Involved quite a bit to make it work even if you don't have those 2 applets.
- Revamped - BulletProof Apps and teh One Shot scripts - see above note regarding busybox and missing applet compatibility
- Fixed - busybox ps compatibility (some versions don't have the -w option)
- Fixed - bug in Detailing script (related to the boot counter thingie)

Updated Feb 2, 2013: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC11
- Added - FixAlign! - zipalign and fix permissions all at once!
- Added - Flush-O-Matic! - Engline Flush option was revamped! The script can now dump caches automagically and can now be launched within V6 too!
- Added - Entropy-ness Enlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargerrrrr!!
- Added - Option to run Detailing (database optimization) after a certain number of boots (you decide how many)
- Separated - Misc & 3G Tweaks
- Optional - Kernel Strength / Reboot Tolerance
- Tweaked - Launcher Detection (yeah... yeah...)
- Added - Support for newer kernels which involved a massive revamped code of the bOOM Stick! (they now do funky stuff with the adj and app's oom_adj files)
- Revamped - BulletProofing scripts (due to the new kernel thing) and *97BulletProof_Apps can also be launched within V6!
- Refined - Calculated Minfrees for some devices.
- Bugfix - Wheel Alignment and FixAlign skips SystemUI.apk (problematic)
- Updated - Infos in all generated scripts.
- Updated - Help file
- Tweaked - LOTS of code and LOTS of user infos!

Updated Nov 1, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC11 Test 9
- PULLED! - U9RC11 Tests 7 and 8 - init.d boot script wasn't sticking good.
- Fixed - Bug (may drain battery!) in init.d/99*SuperCharger - Renaming scheme and bootloop detection should work PERFECT now!
- Tweaked - A bit of code/interface messages

Updated Oct 25, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC11 Test 8
- Tweaked - Launcher Detection - Never ending story! Geez!
- Tweaked - A bit of code/fix a grep error
- Removed - The losing of 10% if using web app - I had forgot you lose % automatically anyway lol (launcher shows up as locked in memory ie NOT SuperCharged)
- Fixed - Bug in 99SuperCharger (false alarm / bootloop message)

Updated Oct 23, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC11 Test 7
- Reworked - Launcher Detection - Stupid Go widgets/notification process names can just KMA!
- REWORKED - ICS Service Centre - is now the Jelly ISCream Parlor - and you LOSE 10% if you're patched with the Web App!
- Fixed - Situation where the adj file doesn't exist anymore - Also effected the bOOM Stick.
- Fixed - Bug in 99SuperCharger where it doesn't apply settings if it renames itself on boot (it worked fine during the next boot tho since it wouldn't need to rename itself)
- Tweaked - Interface/Messages and LOTS of code

Updated Sept 4, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC11 Test 6
- Fixed - a bug/error in /data/
- Tweaked - launcher detection

Updated Sept 2, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC11 Test 5
- Added - Calculation for Dalvik Cache (based on device's RAM)
- Disabled - Misc/3G tweaks by default
- Fixed - a couple of small bugs
- Tweaked - root testing code for all generated scripts
- Tweaked - Interface/Messages and some code

Updated Aug 4, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC11 Test 4
- Added - Messages for Jelly Bean in ICS Service Centre (webapp needs updating blah blah)
- Tweaked - Launcher Detection
- Tweaked -Interface/Messages
- Fixed - Loop that rookies had.

Updated Aug 4, 2012: - SuperCharger Starter Kit RC12
- Fixed - Will no longer install su binary on JB either... ONLY INSTALLS ON ICS! (Jelly Bean doesn't have the segfault issue anyway)
- Fixed - Previous sqlite3/zipalign installer didn't install zipalign either if sqlite3 was skipped

Updated Aug 1, 2012: - SuperCharger Starter Kit RC11
- Options - Choose what you want to install - one at a time.
- Tweaked - Code for all scripts (more stock rom friendly)
- Tweaked - BusyBox installer (won't interfere with busybox built into some kernels)
- Tweaked - su binary will only install on ICS or Jelly Bean
- Tweaked - sqlite3 script installs a different binary on Jelly Bean.

Updated July 29, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC11 Test 3
- Tweaked - SuperClean - shouldn't cause isssues anymore
- Tweaked - init.rc search - smarter rc file search.

Updated July 28, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC11 Test 2
- Fixed - A couple of wheel alignment bugs.

Updated July 27, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC11 Test 1
- Removed - UnKernelizer from menu.
- Added - 3 Kernel/VM Tweak Options! (Rock Hard, Rock & Roll, Soft Rock)
- Tweaked - Re-SuperCharger behaviour on startup
- Added - SD Card Read Speed Tweak (sd card cache) entry to init.rc
- Improved - Wheel Alignment script.
- Tweaked - ALOT of code - more efficient and smarter than ever
Updated July 27, 2012: - SuperCharger Starter Kit RC10
- Tweaked - Code for and su binary installer
- Tweaked - Backs up old busybox, if found, before replacing it.

Updated July 15, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC10
- Improved - Jelly Bean compatibility!
- Added - BootLoop detection for 99SuperCharger - If it thinks that it's bootlooping, it won't run again until you enable it by deleting /data/!!SuperChargerBootLoopMessage.log
- Added - Calculated dalvik heap size which is based on devices RAM - found in Miscellaneous Tweaks)
- Added - SD Card Read Speed Tweak (sd card cache) which is based on devices RAM (you really DON'T need it higher than 1MB - do the tests ) - found in Miscellaneous Tweaks
- Added - Counter to Wheel Alignment log along with improved statistics and logging.
- Improved - logging for Detailing and Fix Emissions scripts.
- Tweaked - Alot of code - should find external storage no matter what (removed SD Card references and put in the system's actual external storage path)
- Tweaked - Interface (Driving Test PASS/FAIL notification, Boot Loop notification, Tasker warning when bulletproofing launcher, among various other things)
- Improved - Root check along with the root checks in all generated scripts.
- Removed - su binary check since updating Superuser and it's su binary fixes the segfaults.

Updated July 13, 2012: - SuperCharger Starter Kit RC9
- Tweaked - again - It still failed to find the scripts on some roms

Updated July 9, 2012: - SuperCharger Starter Kit RC8
- Tweaked - - It failed to find the scripts on some roms.
- Added - Display of each script's version number

Updated July 4, 2012: - KAK U3RC11 Test 1, 3GTC U3RC11 Test 1, DHBC RC8
- Scripts updated with better root checks... again

Updated July 1, 2012: - Fix Alignment Test 2
- Added - Counter along with improved statistics and logging.
- Tweaked - root check

Updated June 30, 2012: - KAK U3RC10, 3GTC U3RC10, DHBC RC7, SuperCharger Starter Kit RC5
- Scripts updated with better root checks and Jelly Bean compatibility in mind (ie. sdcard path can be different)
- Just be sure that if you're on Jelly Bean, busybox is properly configured with symlinked applets and all that good stuff

Updated June 26, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC9 (twitter followers would already be up to speed due to all the testing but... )
- Added - ICS Service Centre! Patch services.jar Automagically WITHIN THE SCRIPT with the Automatic Transmission! (transmission... transmit data... doyagettit?)
- Added - Wheel Alignment ie. "ZepAlign" (ZipAlign even!)
- Added - Lots of options (your launcher strength preference, 3g & misc tweaks optional, Detailing and Wheel Alignment boot options without delaying boot)
- Added - More BRAINS! - It holds your hand through the first run for everything, tells you exactly what 25% SuperCharger Level increments you're missing, washes your dishes, etc...
- Enhanced - BulletProof Apps LOTS: You can now unsupercharge apps individually, add apps to hitlist without viewing process list, tweaked code lots, interface tweaks, etc...
- Tweaked - Launcher detection... What a ROYAL PITA!
- Improved - Detailing script lots with check for sqlite3 binary, added animation, added logging, etc....
- Tweaked - Fix Emissions script - Improved code and it no longer excludes framework-res.apk or
- Added - Lots of error checking/idiot proofing
- Tweaked - Lots of code everywhere, really
- Tweaked - Lots of interface enhancements
- Added - About 1500 more lines of code! Hell, it was 1001 lines in total a year ago
- Most Importantly - Added More Threats!

Updated June 26, 2012: - Kick Ass Kernelizer RC9
- Added - Support for SmartReflex... so it don't break (lulz?)
- Tweaked - Value for vfs_cache_pressure and swappiness (was 25 and 30, now 20 and 20)
- Added - Value fs.inotify.max_queued_events, max_user_instances, max_user_watches
- Added - More TCP Hardening (that's what she said)
- Tweaked - Root check
- Tweaked - Code a bit

Updated June 26, 2012: - 3G TurboCharger RC9
- Fixed - Wi-Fi AfterBurner situation where tiwlan.ini isn't found
- Tweaked - CDMA Mode check
- Tweaked - lte buffersize (was 262144,524288,1048576 - now 262144,524288,3145728)
- Tweaked - Root check
- Tweaked - Code a bit

Updated June 26, 2012: - Die-Hard Battery Calibrator RC6
- Tweaked - Root check
- Tweaked - Code a bit

Updated April 10, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC8.2
- Fixed - Bug when trying to apply calculated values automatically on rookies' first run - it would just loop back to menu
- Fixed - Bug regarding fix emissions option when resupercharging.
- Fixed - Bug regarding the installation marker in build.prop.unsuper.
- Improved - Has proper rounding of decimals instead of just truncating them. This was a royal pain in the ass.
- Enhanced - User prompts. No more confusion regarding the "applet not found" note
- Tweaked - Method by which /init.d/*97BulletProof_Apps is launched.
- Tweaked - Code a bit

Updated April 03, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC8.1
- Fixed - Bug where the script appied all 0s for the minfrees
- Fixed - Bug where the script would crash when supercharging current minfrees that had a decimal value (ie. 32.532 MB was bad)

Updated April 02, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC8
- Added - Fix Emissions Script! (Fix Permissions)
- Added - Option to run Fix Emissions on boot! (Does NOT slow down boot time!)
- Removed - Market links to BusyBox Installer (suddenly half assed busybox builds are running rampant ;p)
- Added - Link to my OP to get BusyBox builds compiled by wraithdu instead (So There! smali ass busybox builds!)
- Added - Automatic direction to use calculated values for Rookies! (after selecting Driver Options)
- Added - Support for a couple of more launchers
- Tweaked - Delay time in *97BulletProof_Apps - reduced to 30 seconds from 60 seconds. Shouldn't effect battery life since it still goes to deep sleep as it always does.
- Tweaked - Method by which /init.d/*97BulletProof_Apps is launched.
- Tweaked - Interface and user prompts.
- Changed - "Help File" to "Owner's Guide"
- Removed - Most DNS Tweaks (too many weird connection issues started happening)
- Tweaked - net.tcp.buffersize.* settings
- Changed - "Market" to "Google Play"

Updated April 02, 2012: - Kick Ass Kernelizer RC8
- Tweaked - vm.vfs_cache_pressure (25, was 10)
- Tweaked - vm.swappiness (30, was 0)

Updated April 02, 2012: - 3G TurboCharger RC8
- Removed - Most DNS Tweaks (too many weird connection issues started happening)
- Tweaked - net.tcp.buffersize.* settings
- Changed - "Market" to "Google Play"

Updated March 15, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC7
- Added - Display of SuperCharger Percentages in 25% Sections!
- Added - DNS Tweaks.
- Enhanced - BulletProof Apps: You can now add ANY app to the HitList! (App doesn't have to be running at the time)
- Fixed - Bug in Un-BulletProof Apps routing (HitList remained... doh)
- Fixed - Small bug in /init.d/97BulletProof_Apps (effected only a few roms)
- Fixed - Small bug in ICS launcher detection.

Updated March 15, 2012: - Kick Ass Kernelizer RC7
- Tweaked - Values for dirty_ratio, dirty_background_ratio, vfs_cache_pressure.
- Added - Conditional execution of 98KickAssKernel
- Tweaked - Interface a bit.

Updated March 15, 2012: - 3G TurboCharger RC7
- Added - DNS Tweaks.
- Fixed - A couple of bugs (#Credit and thanks entries in bad location)
- Added - Help file to the menu
- Tweaked - Help file content.
- Tweaked - Reboot feature

Updated March 15, 2012: - Die-Hard Battery Calibrator RC5
- Tweaked - Reboot feature

Updated March 02, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC6.9
- Tweaked - minfrees for all 256 and 512 HP settings
- Tweaked - ADJs and MEMs and adj (ie. I messed with groupings a bit lol) - Should be smoother ;^]
- Tweaked - Launcher detection
- Tweaked - Interface - It now tells you where the 100% comes from (4 x 25% sections)
- Fixed - Segmentation Fault errors on ICS when launching Help file, Web Sites or Market links.
- Tweaked - ReSuperCharger so it only asks you ONCE if you want to resupercharge after flashing a rom
- Tweaked - Alot of the code in general
- If you switch between build or local.prop, the entries are immediately moved the the new prop file (hey I learned a new trick )
- Increased - Value (percentage of expected free ram) for min_free_kbytes
- Tweaked - tcp buffersizes
- Changed - kernel.panic_on_oops to 1 (I may make panic settings a selectable option - for now this may lead to more reboots as they won't be prevented)
- Tweaked - Values for net mem values
- Tweaked - PowerShift Scripts - If you use them, REFRESH them by running each setting that you normally use!
- Added - Un-BulletProof Apps option to Option 17.
- Tweaked - Other stuff in BulletProof Apps (ie. Added a couple of tips... and when you have more than 1 matching process it was a pain in the ass)

Updated March 02, 2012: - Kick Ass Kernelizer RC6
- Increased - Value (percentage of expected free ram) for min_free_kbytes
- Tweaked - Values for dirty_ratio, dirty_background_ratio, vfs_cache_pressure and net mem values to be more conservative (should be smoother with less chance of gags)

Updated March 02, 2012: - 3G TurboCharger RC6
- Added - Wi-Fi After Burner!
- Will go into GSM or CDMA Mode automatically!
- Fixed - Wi-Fixer (didn't work on some devices)
- Fixed - Segmentation Fault errors on ICS when launching Market or Help File
- Tweaked - tcp buffersizes
- Added - ro.mot.eri.losalert.delay, ril.cdma.ppp.up
- Removed -

Updated March 02, 2012: - Die-Hard Battery Calibrator RC4
- Fixed - Segmentation Fault errors on ICS when launching Battery History
- Added - Ability to launch Power Usage Summary
- Tweaked - Code a bit

Updated February 13, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC6.1
- ICS SuperCharger compatible lol (launcher detection should work!)
- Tweaked ADJ values and adj grouping limits! Should be FASTER and SMOOTHER than EVER!
- The init.d boot scripts now have debugging turned on by default.
- Fixed a couple of bugs

Updated February 13, 2012: - Kick Ass Kernelizer RC5
- Final bug fix to I/O tweaks?

Updated February 13, 2012: - 3G TurboCharger RC5
- Added a couple of CDMA tweaks. Thanks to motcher41!

Updated February 06, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC6, 3G TurboCharger RC4, KAK RC4, and DHBC RC3
- Killed a couple of bugs
- Talon kernel support
- SuperSticky SuperCharger!
- Smarter/improved code/enhanced user prompts
- Changed the oom/adj grouping limits (less chance of gags - had too much stuff in slot 3 in RC5.2 lol)

Updated January 29, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC5.2, KAK RC3.1
- Fixed the stupid setprop issue on some devices. Looks to be problem free

Sorry but I have temporarily pulled latest V6 and KAK.
Seems that the innocent setprop command is preventing boot on some roms... which is totally unexplainable

Updated January 27, 2012: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC5, 3G TurboCharger RC3, KAK RC3 and DHBC RC2
- UnSuperCharge with your current version first (no need to reboot yet), and then run the new V6 SuperCharger RC5... and then reboot!
- Read ALL Script Output as there are MANY changes!
- BulletProofing Apps is very polished now so read the comments in all generated scripts as well!
- ICS Note! The launcher won't supercharge YET but alot of changes were made to make it run error free on ICS

Updated November 22: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC4, 3G TurboCharger RC2, KAK RC2 and DHBC RC1.
Change Log is too huge to write up at the moment - CHECK MY TWITTER FOR MOST PERTINENT INFO (Link In Signature
I recommend to UnSuperCharge and reapply everything because NOTHING is untouched.
This way all your PowerShift, BulletProof, etc. scripts get refreshed!

Updated October 30: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC3.2
Fixed - A mkdir error when exiting the script
Removed - Entry from *.prop file (dalvik.vm.dexopt-flags=m=y,v=n - I forgot it there after testing it - caused some devices to not boot!)

Updated October 29: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC3.1
Fixed - Boot up issue with /data/
Fixed - Sqlite_stmt_journals error (for temporary files) on some devices

Updated October 27: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC3
Fixed - Bug where duplicate entries would occur in your *.prop and *rc file with options 11 -13 (OOM Fix + * Launcher)
Added - debug tool - (Was in RC2.1 but forgot to mention it) - /data/SuperChargerRan will contain info on when 99SuperChargers ran!
Tweaked - Detection of launcher change
Tweaked - 99SuperChargers' delay... but if you experience a delay with no benefit (if settings where already sticky so waiting for nothing or they still don't stick) you can put a # in front of the sleep 60 command in /data/
Tweaked - PowerShift scripts - they now have output/notification like the main V6 script plus there is a copy in the data folder too
Tweaked - BulletProof One Shot scripts - they now have output/notification too!
Tweaked - 97BulletProof_Apps script - You guess it: Added output/notification messages for each bulletproof attempt!

Updated October 26: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC2.1
Smarter - If you change launchers, it tells you that you need to reboot
Smarter - If it's your first SuperCharge, it brings to the wipe caches & reboot tool
Misc. Tweaks - Removed "debug.sf.hw=1", Added "pm.sleep_mode=1" (saves battery)
Tweaked - Minfrees again - less multitasking but not as aggressive as before
Enhanced - the interface some more
Improved - the code some more
Tweaked - init.rc support - off by default
Tweaked - 99SuperCharger a bit - Added an echo command to make busybox v1.19.1 stfu and be happy.

Updated October 24: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC1
Improved - Cust-OOMizer - redid all the code (can now do a quick charge with current minfrees)
Improved - Engine Flush - shows before and after stats (It's really )
Improved - Re-SuperCharger - won't ever overwrite existing system files with old ones from a different rom and with an easy workaround for that.
Added - Option to wipe dalvik cache and cache partition!
Tweaked - Minfrees - Presets above 256HP are now more multitasking friendly
Tweaked - init.rc support - now optional to copy a supercharged init.rc to root on boot.
More - Lenient busybox recommendations v1.16.2 and up (excluding versions greater than 1.18.2 and lower than 1.19.0)
ReWrote - ALOT of the code - It's ALOT more efficient and smarter
Enhanced - the interface all over the place...
Added - Misc. Tweaks... debug.sf.hw=1, persist.sys.purgeable_assets=1, wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=120, windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec=75
Added - something fun...
Added - something controversial...

Updated October 24: - 3G TurboCharger Installer Update 3 RC1
Added - Wi-Fixer - Try and fix wifi issues after applying 3G tweaks...
Added - 6th setting (uses less battery)
Added - Market Link in menu - Opens up to app
Added - something fun...

Updated October 24: - Kick Ass Kernelizer Installer Update 3 RC1
Added - Uninstaller
Added - sio scheduler support
Added - vm.oom_dump_tasks=1, vm.laptop_mode=0, vm.block_dump=0,
Changed - vm.min_free_kbytes=4096 (was 8192), vfs_cache_pressure=20 (was 10)
These are NOT PDFs!

The V6 SuperCharger script is now too big to upload as .txt and making a .zip causes confusion ("Can I flash it?" etc...)
The other scripts are no longer .txt either because people are having trouble recently downloading .txt attachments.
Remove the pdf extension if you want but Script Manager will still run it as is.

In case of bootloops due to KAK I/O Scheduler tweaks, go here! - Thanks to wraithdu!
CWM flashable busybox v1.19.4! - See attachments in OP! - Thanks to wraithdu again!
Segmentation Faults on ICS with superuser.apk? go here for a fixed su binary! - Thanks to... you guessed it... wraithdu! lol

Using SuperCharger Starter Kit (Prepares your ROM with the fixed su binary (only for superuser.apk on ICS), zipalign binary, sqlite3 binary and busybox v1.19.4... and does NOT include the V6 SuperCharger scipt):
- Extract the zip to the root of the sdcard and it will all be in /sdcard/SuperCharger_Starter_Kit
- With Script Manager, just run to install everything at once.
- Or, in terminal do: su, enter, sh /sdcard/Super*/Start*

How To Save Attached Files
- Right click with your browser & select "save as" from menu, or use the QR Code or XDA app or Tapatalk
- Also a great method - use Opera Mini web browser. Very easy to download and it's FAST!

So... if you get an error like "line xxx: syntax error: unexpected end of file (expecting "blah blah")", it's an INCOMPLETE DOWNLOAD!
Download it again and DO IT RIGHT.

Don't Mirror Or RePackage My Files - Just link here or the OP - Then your thread won't get real old, real fast.

If you're going to download something...
Please HIT THANKS and Give a 5 Star Rating!

Newest Files Are Listed Last!
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