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Dedicated to the EVO Classic, Find it here.

This is where you'll find Rosies, themes, fonts, requests, wallpapers, ringtones, and anything else Classic. Unless otherwise noted, these files are meant to be flashed in recovery. Click here to learn how to apply mods with metamorph or ZipThemer.

Check out Linsalata's Classic page: Linsalata28's Blue Funk and various Mods

Tweaks and Scripts - Works on all versions of Classic
  • Lockscreen Toggler Flash - Download here
    Introducing the first ever Lockscreen Toggler Simply flash it in recovery (works in amon RA and cwm). If you have the Sense lockscreen it will switch to AOSP, and if you have AOSP lockscreen it will switch back to Sense. A log file is located at /sdcard/lockscreen.log. Please reference it for errors. Enjoy!
  • Odex Script Flash - Download here
    Info and screenshots

tommytomatoe Rosies

Community Rosie mods - Hit these guys' thanks buttons!
Full Themes
Hide Recent Apps - Download here

Solid Classic Statusbar - Download here - apply with metamorph or ZipThemer

Transparent Notifications Pulldown Classic v0.0.4 - Download here - Screenshot
PHE-NOM Lockscreen Mods
  • Awaiting update...Thanks!

linsalata28 Lockscreen Mods
Rocklee99 Lockscreen Mods - apply with metamorph or ZipThemer
tommytomatoe Banner Mods
tommytomatoe/Classic Mods
Et cetera
  1. Stock Classic Fonts - Helvetica Neue
  2. ICS Roboto Fonts
  3. Ubuntu Fonts
  4. ICS Roboto Fonts for AOSP Lockscreen
  5. SO MANY MORE - fachadick

  1. Stock EVO 4g Sounds - alarms, notifications, and ringtones (removed from Classic)
  2. AOSP Ringtones, found by linsalata28

Outdated Mods from v0.0.3
PHE-NOM Lockscreen Mods