Default Odin3 One-click Downloaders for Stock and Stock + Root

I have prepared Odin3 One-click Downloaders for the Stock non-rooted and Stock + Root packages. Each One-click Downloader also contains the Modem. This will make flashing back to stock or flashing root in Windows easier. These were tested and flashed successfully on my device. These could be posted in the OP for convenience.

Odin3 One-click Downloader I-777 UCKH7 Stock No Bootloaders
(This one-click downloader flashes: zImage, factoryfs.img, and modem.bin)
Odin3 One-click Downloader I-777 UCKH7 Stock + Root No Bootloaders
(This one-click downloader flashes: zImage, factoryfs.img with root, and modem.bin)
How to Use:
  • Download the 7 zip package. Extract the contents of the zip file to a directory on your hard disk drive.
  • Start the Odin3 One-Click Downloader program by double clicking on "I777UCKH7 OCD No BL.exe" or "I777UCKH7 OCD Root No BL.exe".
  • Now Enter Download Mode:
    • With the phone powered off, plug in the usb cable while holding the vol up + vol down buttons (but not the power button).
    • When the warning screen appears, press Volume up to continue into download mode.
  • In Odin, the small edit box in the upper left corner will turn yellow, and say something like [0:COM8]. The number could be different.
  • Click Start. Watch the progress bar advance in green while the message box in the lower area describes the steps. When the flash is finished, the top left larger edit box will turn green and say PASS! and your phone will automatically reboot.
  • Unplug the usb cable from you phone after it boots up. Success.