For v2

Added Unroot option

For v1.5

Updated zergRush exploit!
Updated SU files
Cleaned up script
moved market update to it's own option.


Changes in SS

For v2.1

Minor fix from root and reboot triggers

For v2

De Sense works (Disables HTC Sense for a more vanilla android/keeps the Sense lockscreen though
Re Sense works (Re-Enables HTC Sense)
Virtous OC daemon (I ported to Design to Overclock to 1.4 ghz on stock kernel)
Fixed Wifi Tether again thanks to psyv01 at XDA
Cleaned the script a little bit

For v1.5
removed market updater option (Now updates market via root option
s-off is still just a placeholder (sorry guys)
De Sense option added (Freezes all HTC Sense apps to make a more vanilla android feel - Will be functioning on v2)
Re Sense option added (Want it back? here you go - Will function on v2)
reboot option added (No longer reboots after root option. remember to use this before exiting script)
wireless tether app updated (hopefully fixes the issues some people were having)