Default All-in-One Mod for ARHD 4.1.x

I have compiled an All-in-One Mod for 4.1.x ROMs for those that don't want to flash a bunch of different mods.
It includes:
EQS (with or without "recent Apps")
Screen-Rotation Animation

The APS,EQS,CRT and Rotation are based on blackdog7's ( thanks for permission to use them ) mods, the one with recent apps in notification bar has the EQS of fallenangel408 (thanks to him also) included.


Have fun . And don't forget to make a nandroid before flashing. You never know...
Be advised that adding your own UOT-Kitchen mod after this one could delete the EQS, depending on what you modded with the kitchen.

Here's another one that includes an UOT-Kitchen-mod I made, to add some eye-candy:


It includes:
EQS (without "recent Apps")
Screen-Rotation Animation
Digital Battery Percentage
Status Bar Icons Mod
Blue Scrollbar and Overscroll Animation
Blue Dialog Boxes
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Some things I made:
CirclesMod All-in-One Mod-Pack for One
APM for One X
- APM for One V - EQS for One X
Battery% Mods for One X - CirclesMod for One X
Themes for 4ext Recovery Touch -

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