Default Beta test for Restore Lockscreen mod 4.1.x

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I've done some pretty heavy searching but can't find a version of this for 4.1.7. Is it safe to assume that there isn't one or am I just missing something?
Yes, you are right. There isn't one. At least not yet .

I have made one for you .

Making a nandroid-backup before applying is mandatory.
It is a port of Mike1986's mod for 3.6.x .
Only thing you should know: You won't be able to make/change any settings for that lockscreen, cause all that is necessary for settings was removed by the no-sense script .
So maybe reflashing ROM and use ROM-Cleaner would still be the better solution .

Just flash in recovery (again: AFTER making a backup) and clear cache. Dalvik is cleared by installation script, still doesn't hurt to do manually also.

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