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23rd November 2011, 02:15 AM |#1886  
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Instructions adapted and modified from Dante of the Inferno

If you're coming straight from a completely stock Epic right out of the box, then you're going to need a few items. Grab a snack.

Epic 4G Drivers


Clockworkmod 5 tar:

EC05 Modem tar:

EC05 to EI22 Modem:

Now, if you already have apps that you downloaded to the phone or anything else that you want to keep (call logs, settings, text messages, etc), then you should also check the Unknown Sources box in Applications. Then, download Titanium Backup (and Pro - believe me, it's worth the money) from Market. Open Titanium Backup, click Backup/Restore, click on the options button (the list icon from the bottom row OF THE PHONE), click Batch, and RUN "Backup all user apps + system data." Let it finish (it will tell you when it's done), and exit out.


Go ahead and plug in the phone to your computer. If everything works, then you should see a window pop up on the phone asking you if you want to copy items to the computer. Follow the instructions. From there, the auto-run on Windows should work fine.

Assuming everything worked out so far, here's the most efficient way to work from now on:

1.) Download the Odin 3 V1.85 program, the EC05 Modem Tarball, the Clockworkmod 5 tR, EC05 to EI22 Modem, and ACS ICS to your computer.

2.) Copy over the EC05 to EI22 Modem, and ACS ICS zip files (MAKE SURE NOT TO UNZIP THEM) to the SD Card in your phone (if you have the phone still connected to your computer, just copy them over that way).

3.) Unmount the phone from the computer and disconnect it. Power down the phone. Open up the keyboard, and hold down the "1" key and the Power button until you see an icon of Android with a shovel. This is Download Mode.

4.) On the computer, unzip the Odin file, and open the Odin program. Connect the phone to the computer. A yellow box should now display on the left side of the program. In the Options section, make sure that ONLY the "Auto Reboot" box is checked. Click the PDA button, and select the EC05 Modem tar from wherever you downloaded it you on your computer. Press Start, let the program run, and AFTER THE PHONE HAS REBOOTED, disconnect the phone. After this, do the same for the CWM5 tar.

5.) Power down the phone. Once the phone is COMPLETELY off (try pressing keyboard buttons. If nothing lights up, the phone is off). Next, hold down the Volume Down, Camera, and Power buttons at the same time (this will from now on be referred to as the 3-Finger Grip). Continue to hold down on the buttons until the bottom row of icons lights up on the phone. This will take you to the Clockwork Recovery menu (should be in Purple). In this environment, you navigate up and down using the Volume buttons, select using the Camera button, and go back using the Back icon on the bottom icon row.

6.) Now that you are in CWM recovery, navigate to "Wipe data/factory rest" and choose yes. Now navigate to and select "install zip from sdcard." Select "choose zip from sdcard." From here, navigate to wherever you put the ACS ICS zip file (if you were smart, you just copied it to the top of the SD Card without placing it in a subfolder). Select it, navigate to "Yes", and let the install run (should be several minutes). After it's done, press the Back button until you reach the Main Menu once again. Select "reboot system now."

7.) It's probably going to take a couple minutes for the phone to boot properly. let it be. Once the phone is ready to use (and the media scans are complete), go to the Apps menu, and click on Market. It will ask you to sign in (do so), and agree to the terms and conditions (do so). From here, you can re-download the Titanium Backup app (DO NOT re-download the Pro version. That is only a license key that Google remembers.). Open Titanium Backup, and it should revert to the Pro version. You may have to allow Superuser to access the program (click Allow and Remember my choice). Again, use the list icon from the bottom row of the device to reveal the Batch option. Click it, and under the Restore section, RUN "Restore missing apps + all system data."

With that, you should have a fully restored Epic that can load and run custom ROMS in under a minute flat.
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