Cool [Kernel] RCMix3D LEO v6 [][Desire Based]

Presenting RCMix3D LEO Kernel by the RCMix Team (sbryan12144+klquicksall)

This is a Sense kernel based on the HTC Desire ( Source Code ported by Warrenb213 and Marc1706 and patched to .14

Channel Log:
v6: -Added Unique BT Address -Added New OC Method (Up to 1.15GHz) -Added and Tweaked Latest Governors (InteractiveX, Smartass, Smoothass, Savagedzen, Virtuous, Scary, Superbad, Lagfree, and Lazy) -Added Headset Fix (by CM Team and Marc1706) -Added Extended Battery Support -Cleaned Up Some Things v5: -Added BFS v404 -Fixed G-Sensor (Credits to mdebeljuh and jdivic) -Fixed EXT2 and EXT3 Support (Tested This Time) -Added Mic Gain Fix (Credits to mdebeljuh and jdivic) -Cleaned Up and Added Other Small Fixes v4: -Added OC to 1152 -Added Swap Support -Fixed Wake Up Delay -Fixed In Call Screen Timeout -Patched to .14 (thanks a ton from Marc) v3: -Fixed LED Flash on Boot -Added and Fixed EXT2+EXT3 Support -Removed htcleo_usb_phy_reset v2: -Fixed AC Charging v1: -Initial Release (Thanks to Warrenb213 and Marc1706)

Flash through CWR (Clock Work Recovery) then reboot.


Git Source - HERE

[cLK/MAG] - v6 HERE

Old Downloads:

[cLK/MAG] - v5 HERE
[cLK/MAG] - v4 HERE
[cLK/MAG] - v3 HERE

Note: This thread is under construction so please bare with me. Also, I'm not sure how much time I'll have for this in the future, so if you use this, please consider donating to help a poor guy out. Give me motivation!

Huge thanks to:
-The RCMix Team
-CM Team
-And other great devs and testers
T-Mobile HTC One-Daily Device
Verizon HTC Droid DNA-Development Device
Verizon HTC Thunderbolt-Development Device
T-Mobile HTC HD2-Development Device