Default Volume Wake for all

OK, I made a few flashable zip particularly for the volume wake mod. This mod is "pure" volume wake for those who do not want any other mod playing with it. However, because APM hacks the same file as the volume-wake does, I also made a version that works with APM.

Please note that this mod only contains "android.policy.jar" which has been hacked particularly for enabling volume-wakeup. If you want APM to work with it, you have to flash the APM mod first, and then flash the corresponding mod.

Please please make a nandroid backup before you flash any one of them. I did not test 4.1.x version because I do not install the 4.1 rom. So please report or PM me if you have any problem. Thanks

Volume wake with APM already installed for 3.6.x

Volume wake with APM already installed for 4.1.x

Pure Volume wake for 3.6.x

Pure Volume wake for 4.1.x

Also, if you want an all-in-one(APM+EQS+....+ vol make), please check my sig.
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