Since there has been alot of flashing issues let me help by documenting exactly how you have to do the MTD (Specifically MTD only as it's been a long time I've done the SPL/Radio upgrade so I'm not too sure on that

1. Firstly download and (Scroll down linked OP and see attachments)

2. create mtdpartmap.txt (or you can use mine attached and feel free to modify accordingly as per requirements per ROM revision) and put on /sdcard/

3. Download and install through ROM Manager latest CWM (2.5.7 I believe)

4. reboot to recovery

5. nandbackup

6. wipe cache + data (Or if you're too lazy to scroll thru CWM's options, use OHSAKA's, see attached for your convenience)

7. Reboot into recovery again

8. In CWM, enable mount /sdcard ( make sure you mount sdcard first, else you won't be able write to sdcard/mtdpartmap.txt).

9. flash

10.reboot to recovery

11.Flash ROM ( As an added precaution, recommended to mount /system before flashing)

12. flash

13. reboot

Validated myself as I'm posting this so it should work for most of you out there

PS: And yes, validated eZterry's kernels fixed WiFi issues but does not fix screen rotation issues as I need to disable Screen Rotation and pop out the keyboard to get portrait mode. Sync and market issues I believe are gapps related
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