Default [ROM/DEV] MIUI 1.12.23-Android 2.3.7 HTC EVO 3D GSM|TEST [WIP] Updated 27-12-2011

Since a few days I tried to porting MIUI for EVO 3D GSM,but now at this
point my brain get crashes and there are a few problems with the ROM
which I don`t know to solve at the moment.

Any help would be nice to get the ROM working!

ROM based on MIUI 1.12.23 Android 2.3.7

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- Wi-Fi
- Touchscreen
- Vibra (not everywhere)
- SD card
- Sensors seems to working
- Advanced power menu
- lights for hardware button
- Gallery
- Hardware Acceleration
- Audio/Sound working
- taking screenshots
- Mobile network + Data
- Multitouch
- Battery status (now correct perentage)
- Headphone problem fixed (Right earphone is much much louder then left)
- Torch app
- Talk app
- Bluetooth (only with kernel which is included at the ROM and only tested
to connect to a other phone)

Not working:

- Camera
- 3D
- Bootloop for some themes







[KERNEL] [SENSE&AOSP][GSM] 12-15 Anthrax -- noCIQ * 96KHz/24bit BEATS * OC * SBA43

Thank you very much to "chad.goodman"

Download AOSP kernel by chad.goodman:
(shooteru-aosp-test-4 = Multitouch support )

scott951 and for base
copenhagen and m-deejay for the work on the kernel
Also big thanks to cayniarb for working on AOSP kernel Test4

To dim button backlight brightness:

Don`t use higher value then 20,otherwise phone crahes or freeze.
You can chosse 15,10,5 etc.!

Donations list:

markus schmidt
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