Talking 3D video uploading, downloading, and viewing!!!!!!!!!!!!

don't know if this has been posted yet but just an FYI, did you know that you can upload your 3D videos to Youtube in 3D!!!!!! When you upload them just put "yt3d" without the quotes, in the tag field. Then it will play in the Youtube 3D player, which also gives the option to view in 2D and different versions of 3D including using red/cyan glasses or even cross eyes. Also other EVO 3D users can view your videos from their phone in 3D automatically!!! Here is one that I did:

If you view that from your EVO 3D it will automatically play in 3D. And just another FYI, if you download the app Tubemate, and do a search for "yt3d" you can find all kinds of 3D videos even 3D movie trailers on Youtube and download them in HD 3D to your phone for offline viewing You can download Tubemate here:

I know that the default Android video uploader on the phone won't upload via the cell connection if it's over a certain size, it will say WAITING FOR WIFI, . . . . . HOWEVER.. if you use Opera Mobile, just log into your Youtube account and you can upload the files off your phone via your cell connection that way, works great, I get about a 90% or more successful upload rate.