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Hi dudes and dudettes

Today, I have been appointed as the moderator for this forum.

Dont worry, I am not here to write a bible of rules for you.

Well, just 4

1 - Search before you post a new thread, a question, or a suggestion.

2 - Be tolerant towards other members. Don't forget you were a noob yourself.

3 - Donot take matters in your hands. PM me or another mod with the link to the post and why you think it should be reported.


And this intro-thread is the only ONE thread in the forum where you can discuss "Off Topic"

This site is a learn from everyone site. I have learnt a lot in the last 4 years I have been on it.

And last, not be any means the least... a little fun doesnt hurt anyone

Feel free to PM me at anytime with whatever you need or want or discuss or even a hello.

Cheers guys!
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