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I'm geting BSOD while charging veri often . Regarding the battery, the drainage with the latest changes and a KANG rom is very big! Only 9 hours and need to plug the phone again to charge and the usage today was very, but very low! Some e-mails and a couple of phone calls, something that with older builds will give me about 50% or even more after 9h!

try flashing this kernel http://www.mediafire.com/?28g9ud8ylrjoi8k (it is basically cm kernel compiled w/ some CFLAGS)
it doesn't completely fix BSOD, but it seems to charge better. i've had two successful overnight charges yesterday and today. if it helps BSOD, then we can pursue further. if not, it is a placebo effect...
as for battery drain, i get about 33 hours w/ minimum usage, email checking per 15 min, gmail sync, gtalk logged in, wifi always on, and mobile data turned off
Asus T100, Windows 8.1 (no linux yet)
Nexus 4 on T-Mobile US, CM-11.0