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[KERNEL] SiyahKernel v2.6.5 - "One kernel to rule them all" | SGH-i777

2.6.5 (Latest):
  • Lowered bus frequency threshold
  • Set lower GPU step back to 160MHz
  • Lulzactive tweaks
  • Enabled whitelist mode in wifi driver and disabled ipv4 and ipv6 multicast/broadcast packets
  • Set charge_currents to 650 550 450 to relieve the thread of people who haven’t read that they have no effect.
  • Put the throttling limits back (in tmu.c). this may prevent the phone shutting down on high load (such as games) but it will decrease the benchmark scores.
  • Some fixes in + some new vm tweaks
  • SLQB
  • Default i/o scheduler is set to SIO
  • Softlockup and hung task detections enabled

  • Disabled third GPU step. new thresholds are “65% 20% 100% 20%” with 100-267-300 steps. third step will not be used if you keep 2nd-to-3rd threshold 100.
  • Cleaned up v2.6.3 code and removed some experimental parts (which were not checked in anyway). This will fix battery drain issue.
  • Reverted back to CWM v5.0

  • Fixed setting of lulzactive & smartassV2 parameters via scripts
    battery optimized defaults.
  • Updated codecs
  • Removed siyah-battery, siyah-defaults and siyah-performance scripts from the blog. please remove all existing scripts before installing this version (or flash your existing rom again to remove all scripts). use init.d scripts if you know what you do, otherwise use VoltageControl app or ThunderBolt! scripts. use this CWM recovery flashable zip to remove previous 01siyah script. just flash it once and /system/etc/init.d/01siyah script will be removed.
  • CWM Recovery v5.5.0.4
  • Supercurio’s mc1n2_voodoo module fix. Voodoo Louder app should be working now.

  • added lulzactiveV2 (thanks to tegrak). you can new lulzactive tuner app from the market to tweak lulzactive parameters.
  • added interactive(X) and intellidemand governors back. (other governors are still available as modules and can be loaded via insmod)
  • disabled smooth scaling for interactive based governors (interactive, interactiveX and lulzactive).
  • changed the wifi drivers again.
  • LZO compression for the kernel image instead of gzip. it has less compression but faster decompression. (in this case, bigger is better )
  • New mali drivers from Galaxy Tab Plus, PLUS the DVFS part which has 3 steps instead of 2. The second step clock is set to 267 instead of 266 to provide compatibility with voltage control app.
  • Cleaned up and added (thunderbolt scripts – thanks to pikachu01@XDA) to startup.
  • some tweaks and fixes
  • added j4fs back
  • fixed ondemandx governor
  • enabled sched_debug interface (pikachu01′s NO_GENTLE_FAIR_SLEEPERS line in thunderbolt script is active now)

  • Works with Samsung / CM7 / MIUI
  • Gokhanmoral - "Although I compile at&t version, Entropy512's kernel may be a better choice because there are some differences which I cannot test. He knows what he is talking about and I mean it..."
  • Flashing .ZIP's in CWM will change once flashing this KERNEL. You will now use the POWER BUTTON to select, and CHOOSE ZIP FROM INTERNAL SDCARD. Same goes for doing Backup/Restore, choose the Internal Card.
  • USB Debugging is turned off first flash, Just turn it back on Settings->Applications->Development
  • Great Explanation of Governors & I/O Schedulers
  • Using lulzactivev2? More control of the Governor from his Application

Overclock & Undervolt
  • SetCPU - Thread - Overclock CPU, Undervolt CPU, Profiles, Governor Control
  • Voltage Control - Market - Overclock CPU/GPU, Undervolt CPU/GPU, Profiles (Paid), BUS Change (Paid), Charging Speed, Governor Control

  • Can be flashed on Samsung ROMs and AOSP Based ROMS. Currently all Samsung 2.3.4, 2.3.5, 2.3.6, 2.3.7 based ROMS, CM7 and MIUI ROMS are supported. Based on linux kernel + drivers from Samsung sources
  • Auto-Rooting
  • ClockworkMod Recovery v5.0.2.7 with back button support
  • Boot animation support
  • Supports SetCPU (OC upto 1600MHz, UC downto 100MHz)
  • User customizable frequency steps. You cannot change the step count but you can change the frequencies at each step.
  • Supports undervolting (UV between 800 mV and 1500 mV)
  • Supports voltage control via SetCPU (thanks to netarchy, ninpo, hacre)
  • Stock voltages as default
  • smartassV2, lulzactive, lagfree governors. and lots of other governors which are available as modules
  • Default governor is conservative (200-1200MHz)
  • Tweaked ondemand and conservative governors
  • Compiler optimizations
  • User customizable charging speed (use at your own risk). You have to echo AC, MISC and USB charge currents to a misc device.
  • Touchscreen fix (thanks to vitalij)
  • Increased touchscreen sensitivity
  • GPU clock and voltage control interface (thanks to netarchy).
  • I/O, scheduler, hotplug and vm Tweaks
  • automatic battery calibration. (removed. thanks to Entropy512. we do not need battery calibration for SGS2)
  • Available I/O schedulers: noop, deadline, CFQ, BFQ, V(R), SIO (default)
  • Available CPU governors: see this thread for the list of available governors and modules (thanks to droidphile)
    /system/etc/init.d startup scripts support
  • Automatic backup of efs partition. You will have the files in your sdcard as well as /data/.siyah directory. copy them to a safe location in case you may need them later.
  • Updated jhash to version 3
  • Increased charging speed.
  • BLN (thanks to creams), liblights is autoinstalled if the existing one doesn't support BLN
  • Supports advanced touch tune driver. thanks to vitalij Link. the control app from Web, from Mobile. Thanks to tegrak for the driver patch file download
  • 2nd core application support (thanks to tegrak)
  • Automounting of NTFS volumes for USB sticks (ntfs on external card is not supported)
  • XZ compression for the kernel to have smaller image size. the size is still similar to previous versions after adding new features
  • Integrated new sha-1 and crc32 slice-by-8 algorithms
  • SCHED_MC enabled to have less power consumption. It will have a better support in the next version as it needs more changes in the scheduler code.
  • Lower brightness levels for low-light conditions to save battery.
  • Experimental brightness behaviour modification via setting min_bl and max_gamma values.
  • Native BLN support for CM7 based roms.
  • Three GPU stepping (160-267-300) instead of two
  • Optimized and configurable hotplug thresholds and rates.
  • Thunderbolt! script integrated (thanks to pikachu01)
  • CIFS, SLQB, FUSE, NTFS, cgroup_timer_slack, autogroup, cleancache... and lots of other mambojambo that I forgot...

ZIP: Place zip on Internal SD -> Boot into CWM -> Clean Cache/Dalvik -> Install Zip

TAR: Download Odin -> Open Odin -> Boot into Download Mode -> Put .tar in PDA -> Start


Although some parts can be considered as original, all are based on inspirations, examples and other people's code. I have no claim to be original. I am only trying to make my (and probably other's) SGS2 experience better and fun.

About source codes: I do not release source codes during beta testing. I do not use git. I have already proven that I share source code, but only once per release. I don't think that mods will be uncomfortable with this but if they are I can create an account in github and share an old code just like most of the other developers do. I will not choose that path if I don't have to. You can download sources for the releases using the links below. I will simply ignore mails and posts asking about the source code because they are already shared. Also, GPL doesn't force me to use github nor it forces me to release the source code as soon as possible. Therefore, releasing the source code may be delayed for several days. If you don't like this sue me :P

Source code and releases can be found here:

Credits: Samsung, supercurio, hardcore, Hacre, Entropy, RAvenGEr, tegrak, cattleprod, codeworkx, hellcat, creams, vitalij, arighi and others I might have forgotten...


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