Angry [SEMI-FINALS of APP STAR CONTEST] Amazing Weather ***********************

We are one of the SEMI finalists and we really need your help.
Microsoft is running a contest called Next App Star, in which YOU select the best app!
We really need your help to support Amazing Weather in the contest, and best of all? voters enter the chance to win a Lumia 920 daily!!

How to vote:

1- Go to the url From PC/Mac, or IE Desktop version on ur phone.
2- Login to facebook
3- Add the next app star app.
4- Click on start voting
4- You have to keep voting to other apps until you see Amazing Weather HD.

And here is an image of the Update now live v 4.1.5 for WP8 and WP7.8

Amazing weather, a truly breathtaking weather application featuring astonishing animations, simple Metro UI and live tiles.
EIZ three brothers loving Windows Phone.