franco.Kernel :
XDA: here
by: franciscofranco
Notes: Amazing for both battery life and performance. Recommended by me especially for battery-hungry users.

FuguMod kernel (linux 3.0.19, CIFS, TUN, security)
XDA: here
by: nikademus
Notes: None

Rootzwiki: here
by: Ezekeel
Notes: Amazing Kernel! Has a lot of overclocking options (different files) as well as amazing performance! A must-have!

Rootzwiki: here
by: faux123
Notes: Have yet to try it, but has been recommended by many people

Trinity NP 4.0.3 :
XDA: here
by: morfic
Notes: Nice kernel, has a lot of overclocking options (in terms of GPU)

*Matr1x* v2.0 OC | SLQB | BFS | TUN and much more!:
XDA: here
by: mathkid95

☆Jame Bond☆ cpu/gpu overclock + UV (4.0.2):
XDA: here
by: ogdobber

JDkernel Tuna v1.0.0.5 X-Mas Release :
XDA: here
by: jdkoreclipse posted by yeeson