Default ICL53F 4.0.2 STANDARD APK works!

The standard Google APK works on ICL53F / 4.0.2

Just tested this ; NO FC's - No errors on provisioning card, etc.

This was pulled off by another user, I MD5'd it to the version I got from a Sprint Nexus S

MD5: 3729ced6fbee0c8c642fe074e893846f

NOTE: I installed this on ICL53F CLEAN install with NO older Wallet ever present. I did NOT wipe or do anything else. So as long as Wallet was NEVER installed on your /system partition or you didn't replaced NFC files this should just work out of the box. If you ever did any of the above get a clean ICL53F installed FIRST (root or no root, doesn't matter) [mine was rooted but a friend got it working no root]