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I have started this thread because of a few reasons. First and foremost is the size limit on a sig. After buying an Inspire I realize I need more space for all the pertinent things I might want to link people to. I l also realized other members might need the same thing. As time goes by there will most likely be more stuff added here, but for now here it is:


Download Mode
Cezar's Safe JF6
Mike's Safe KF1
I897 GB bootloaders
I9000 GB Bootloaders
I897 Froyo (KB1) Bootloaders
Kernel Cleaning Script
UnBrickable Resurrector(Only about a .1% chance it will help on a Captivate, but here it is)
Captivate Touch
Connection Issues?
Added 12/27
Heimdall Stock KB2
Modem Thread
More Modems
Stock Roms
One Click Unbrick
Linux Mode Detector
Galaxy Nexus USB Driver
Samsung USB Drivers
Google USB Driver
HTC (Inspire)
Samsung Galaxy Note I717

Canadian Stock ROMs

I have updated all of my links, due to problems with Multiupload. However, I cannot guarantee that everyone the links lead to have done the same.