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You have to have a passcode to use the wallet feature. I am not following this at all seriously.
The OP explains it perfectly.
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1) Go into application settings
2) Clear data for Google wallet
3) Open wallet and set it back up
4) Everything remaining on your Google prepaid card can now be used.
That means anyone who gets your phone, even while it's turned off, can follow these steps to remove whatever pin you have set. They can then set up Google Wallet with their own pin and add your prepaid card with all its funds back onto the app and start using it.

To be safe, you'll need to set your lockscreen to use one of the other security types such as pin, pattern, or password, and then hope nobody gets ahold of your phone while the phone itself is unlocked. I don't find face unlock to be very safe at all so I won't even recommend it for protecting Google Wallet funds.
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