Default For everyone with market issues:

Couldn't find Google maps in the market either. Talked to bro's Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin ^^ So I found a way to make it work, this is what I did:

First, I installed the hacked market (download link below, thanks alienwolf426)
How to:
1. Download the market
2. Rename it vending.apk
3. Replace it with the existing vending.apk in system/app
4. Chmod 777
5. Re boot

I edited this in build.prop so market recognized my phone as sgs2 (fixed incompatible issue and apps/games disappearing)

2. Cleared market cache. (my dpi is 192, not 240 which is needed.. So hacked market works)
3. Re booted.
4. *badum-tss*

If you get the "Your phone is incompatible with this item?", go to settings-application and clear the market cache

***If you have tried all this, but the hacked market is still not working for you,
install the old version.

Link to the old market.

Hope this helps.
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