Cyanogenmod Compiler (CMCompiler) HALP!

Error Codes:
Error: Need to sync first - After choosing compile, the program didn't find the needed .repo folder in your repo path. This assumes you never ran sync, so you never downloaded the code. You could have also renamed the .repo folder to something else, which would cause this error as well.
Error: device not found - Your device was not found in the repo, might be unsupported.
Error: Adb isn't running - First time running compile, you will need to have your phone connected and ADB running in order to pull off needed files from your phone.
Error: Extract-files came back False - This means a script called failed to pull off those needed files from your phone.
Error: Compile error please check - This indicates that your build failed. You will need to run cmcompiler via terminal to get why.
Error: Repo Script needs setup - You don't have the repo script installed. Install it.
curl > ~/repo
chmod a+x ~/repo
sudo mv ~/repo /usr/local/bin/repo
Error: No device configured - Appears there is no device configured, just select one from the setup menu.

Removing old ppa:
sudo apt-get remove cmcompiler-daily
sudo apt-get install ppa-purge
sudo ppa-purge ppa:long-jeremie/ppa
About Cmcompiler CLI
** If you are still using the CLI version, I have not updated it in sometime. I might get back to that but for right now the gui is my main focus. Please understand. You could always clone and make edits to the CLI here

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