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Hy clotai,

i tested your file but do not work. I think something should be corrected in your first post?
instead of /system/bin/dhcpd eth0 it should be /system/bin/dhcpcd eth0

This i put in console:
/system/bin/dhcpcd eth0
setprop net.dns1

but it doesn´t work.

When i write:
ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast
I get an error: error: CIOCSIFADDR (No such device)
route add default gw
I get an error: Invalid argument
setprop net.dns1

Hope you can solve this
1. did you do 'modprobe dm9601' ?
2. if the answer of 1 is yes, please show me dmesg when you plug-in your
usb ethernet device
3. please also show me lsusb.