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My concern is that if the warranty need yakjuzs (mine original version), I cannot flash zs back.
Would anyone teach me how to flash back zs, as it is not announced any zs rom yet.
Sure, do this:

1) Note: this assumes that you have the drivers for your device set up properly and that you have backed up any data (e.g., photos, etc) to somewhere OFF your device;
2) Download this and place the files in a directory;
3) Download the attachment and extract the files into the same directory;
4) Reboot your device into bootloader mode (by turning it off, hold volume up and volume down, and press power) and plug it into your computer;
5) Open a command prompt in the same directory above and do the following:

1) Make sure your computer recognizes your device by typing: fastboot devices
2) Unlock your bootloader: fastboot oem unlock
3) You will see a prompt on your device. This will wipe your entire device (including the /sdcard folder). Accept.
4) Reboot by typing: fastboot reboot-bootloader
5) Boot into the OS: fastboot reboot
6) Reboot into fastboot mode.
7) Boot CWM: fastboot boot recovery-clockwork-
8) Now, on your device navigate the menus to back up your existing build;
9) Reboot;
10) Now you have a complete backup of your current build in /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup. Save this to your computer as well.
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