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Hello all,

I have an "Alldro Speed" tablet (a10 based) which I managed to brick somehow (i played with root tools and recovery erase, and now it is stuck at the splash screen - minimal ADB access. but no further boot into android). Since there is no support for this tablet, I searched for similar ones and found this thread.

Tried to put the recovery, it seems to boot into it (the / is mounted on a 30mb partiotion with 7mb occupied (similar to the partition I write the recovery.cpio over)), but I have no GUI! (no menu, just blank screen. ADB works ok).

Pls. help. (I can provide some traces, if needed).
Thank you!
I think your alldro needs the original rom back... I had the same problem with the splash screen and I send it back to allview... They said it was a "soft" error and reflashed with a new one (different from the original but still 2.3.4).
Now... I found something interesting by pressing the vol. down button + power... it's a bootmenu or something (not the recovery, that's vol. up + power) in chinese I think, maybe somebody can translate it from the screenshot I made...