Default Calendar Sync (p5/p6)

The Calendar APK version included in p5 (4.0.3-eng.drew.20120210) didn't synced for me neither.
<edit>And the one included in p6 didn't even show up in the App drawer.</edit>
So i tried the files rugmankc suggested yesterday. And as it has been confirmed by others too,
syncing worked with this APK version (4.0.1-eng.kwiboo.20111126).

For those still having issues with Calendar Syncing, you can use the attached ZIP to "install" via recovery.
It deletes the "old" APKs, installs the "new" ones and sets the permissions.
  1. Download attached ZIP and copy it to your SD card
  2. Reboot into recovery mode
  3. Select: "Install from SD" -> "Select Zip from SD"
  4. Select the downloaded Zip and install
  5. Reboot Phone
  6. Clear App-Data for Calendar AND CalendarStorage! (Settings -> Apps -> All)

Note: After you reboot your phone, you will get two error prompts (saying that Calendar and CalendarStorage has stopped working).
You can ignore them. As soon as you have cleared the App data, everything should be fine and syncing should work.
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