aosp kang built today, flashed R43 just now. booted fine first try, wifi/bluetooth are fine, data call as well, rebooted, set scheduler/gov to deadline/ondemand, min/max freq to 1.2ghz, score on antutu maxing out around 5200, 5300. with my modified stock, i hit 6200+ in those conditions.
switch back to cfq/interactive, sd write speed goes up a bit to 10.4mb/s (deadline was just under 9.4mb/s), cpu integer 1304, float 1099, pushes score up a bit but still not reaching 5400 (this is with all tests selected, 2d/3d, database..). tweaked lowmemorykiller, antutu score jumps to 5600+.
but benchmarks mean almost nothing, i know. overall it's pretty smooth, fast on bootup, ocasional "lag" here and there (but that may be Mr. Android's fault).

will report more as the kernel settles in.

thanks nikademus.

edit: just re-installed gta. it seems i have no in-game sounds at all? it's fine until it gets to the main menu though. anybody else seeing this? happening on stock kernel too, wth..

edit2: jumping on r44.
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