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I would worry about adding what YOU want to add, does their code work better? then include it. if not... I'd say issue a patch for roms devs. CM9 roms can then get patched. no reason to waste you time.
Ahah you have a point there.

By the way, a little information for you guys about the GPU clocks, this is from Colin Cross:

Most GPU workloads on 4460 with a 720p screen are limited by the
memory bandwidth, not the GPU computation ability (which is fairly
linear with clock speed). With the GPU at 307 MHz, the core is at
OPP100, the and the memory bus is at full speed. At 384 MHz, the core
is at OPP_100_OV, which raises the core voltage (not counting
SmartReflex) from 1.127V to 1.25V, causing a huge increase in power
usage. Without the GPU, the core is almost always running at OPP100
when under load, because CPU OPP100 (700 MHz) requires core OPP100.
That means scaling the GPU from 150MHz to 307MHz costs very little in
terms of power. Nothing else in the chip requires core OPP100_OV, so
scaling the GPU to 384MHz is a pure power hit for very little (or no)
performance gain.

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