The nightlies come with support for the new baseband only. I have found which files are necessary to work on the old baseband but this needs testing.

I also do not know if this fixes the problems with certain SIMs (no APNs etc.) which may need additional files. Please report successes / failures here.

The three files to fix nightlies on old baseband:,,

Below are files for both Old and New baseband for those who wish to test compatibility on both basebands.
Otherwise if you are still on the old baseband just download the first zip and use adb to push the files to /system/lib

No other files need to be added / deleted / edited (not even build.prop), and the network should come to life within moments of flashing the files (no reboot necessary)

REQUEST: can someone make some flashable zips for me?
This also works on CM9
EDIT: Changing baseband while using CM9 is SERIOUSLY NOT RECOMMENDED as it disconnects the USB connection during boot - this will give you a corrupt baseband and make your phone useless!!!!
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