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I don't think we have a fix yet but they are working on it, there are a couple die hard ad-hoc enthusiasts such as kelvie, and BRD that are working on a modified wpa_suppliplicant file that will enable ad-hoc connectivity. It's been trickier than the honeycomb version, but I promise there is work being done on it.
The root of the problem is that adhoc is a depricated technology. That being said, the reason we are having issues is adhoc conflicts with wireless peer2peer, or p2p. This is a new wireless technology possible because ics has implemented the config80211 Linux wireless api stack. Some of you may have noticed a new wireless interface named p2p0 which is a member of the wlan0 control group. Also you may have noticed that p2p is also broke. I believe this is why some ics devices utilize two wpa_supplicant binaries. Also it looks like the kernel filters ibss beacons when the p2p0 interface is up. But Im pretty sure I found the source and its an easy fix. ICS is a very different Android from past releases. ICS is very forward looking and continues to merge with Linux common. Adhoc looks doable but I recommended adhoc fans upgrade their phones