Default [BOOTLOADER] primeLA03

bootloader LA03 from leaked 4.0.4 cdma build, i successfully flashed (via cwm recovery & fastboot) to my galaxy nexus GSM.

NO changelog!

credits to whoever posted it in galaxy nexus general forums, i just took out cdma radio parts and removed toro & radio lines from updater-script.

warning: flashing bootloader IS dangerous! i am not responsible if you brick your phone, it worked on mine, who knows if it will work on yours.. i don't.

if you don't know why you should flash this, then DON'T!

zip md5: adf8cd5ea69e00d99769767a3b9fc630

flash via recovery or extract .img and flash via fastboot.

link (mediafire):

mirror (dropbox):

sent from my nPrime