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Hey, man - if you end up cutting out the backing, give us an update. I always like to hear of TWO successes before I attempt it myself
I got the case today and I'm currently using it without the battery cover and instead the silicon cover over the back on the extended battery, there is no gap or "jiggle" that can turn off the phone by moving the battery.

I also managed to get the case to fit over the entire top of the phone but slipping on the top part first instead of the bottom part of the silicon cover, I noticed the buttons are slightly aligned differently on the GSM version than they are on our i515's. and sadly there is a bit of a volume control issue when using the case, since the volume rocker is larger than the actual silicon cover's button outline, the plastic piece that goes on top of the silicon and has the opening for the volume rocker can mess with your volume keys, if you squeeze slightly on the bottom below where the rocker actually is, you will easily change your volume without even touching the buttons, i'm working on a solution for this, but i haven't thought of any yet.

here are a few pics i took:

Pictures taken with HTC ThunderBolt

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