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THIS IS FOR 1.4.1, 1.4.2, and 1.4.3 ONLY - Please don't quote the first post.

As of October 31 2013, the Nook Color with Froyo is dead in the water, as far as the Google Play store is concerned. Google updated to Google Play Services 4.0, and with it killed off the API support for Android 2.2 Froyo. That means that almost all apps being produced or updated since then will not support Froyo. If you look up Angry Birds on the Play Store website, you will see that the minimum system requirements are Android 2.3 and up.
  • What it does:
    • Permanently Enable ADB via uRamdisk
    • Installs adbWireless
    • Installs su and Superuser.apk
    • Installs Busybox
    • Installs Softkeys
    • Installs Zeam Launcher
    • Installs B&N HomeLauncher
    • Installs HomeCatcher
    • Installs NookColor Tools (To Enable Non-Market Installs)
    • Installs Live Wallpapers
    • Installs Custom Boot Animation
    • Fix to Allow update to Adobe Flash and Air
    • App Auto Install (Open up from sdcard drop in /data/app)
  • System Files that get Modified:
    • uRamdisk - Enable permanent ADB Access
    • /system/build.prop - Fingerprint change
    • download.db - Fixes Market "Download Unsuccessful" issues
    • services.jar - Fixes apps2sd

  • Changes:
    • August 20, 2012 -
      • Updated Adobe Flash to version
      • Moved Adobe Air from the Data partition, to the System partition. This is to fix the "Read-To-Me" playback error.
      • Fixed the missing text in the "NookColor Tools" app
      • Introduced versions that disable B&N updates, by utilizing the SQLite method
      • Introduced incremental updates, so that you can flash only the changes that were made in the upgrade
    • February 19, 2012 - Fixed script that deleted the kernel image, and left you stuck at "Read Forever"
    • February 12, 2012 - Initial release

  • Before you begin:
    1. You must do a complete wipe before installing this package.
    2. If you want to update to 1.4.3 - Instructions HERE
    3. You must already have a registered Nook Color
    5. You must have a Google Account, for Gmail, Market, Etc. IF you used a Gmail account for B&N Registration use that one for this process.
    6. You must have a bootable ClockWorkMod version SD card: HERE - Use Win32DiskImager to flash this image to your SD card LINK
      • OR emmc CWM Recovery Installed
    7. You must have enough intelligence to follow instructions.
    8. If you don't have enough posts to post in the development section, please go post in the Q&A section, and post with "MN5" in the heading. I don't read every post on this board, so I can get to you a little easier if you follow these guidelines.

  • Let's get started:
    • If you're running a previous MN 5, you do not need to do a complete wipe.
      1. Download one of the Following ManualNooter 5 files based on your needs:
      2. If you will be flashing with apps2sd support, you will also need to download one of the following kernel images to fully utilize apps2sd support.
      3. Copy above file(s) onto your bootable CWM SD card using Windows Explorer, OS X Finder, etc.
        • DO NOT extract the zip file. It MUST be left as-is
        • DO NOT copy the zip file into a folder. Leave it at the top directory of your card.
      4. Unplug your Nook Color from computer. (If plugged in)
      5. Turn off your Nook Color. (If turned on)
      6. Insert bootable CWM SD card with ManualNooter into your Nook Color.
      7. Turn on your Nook Color
        • If using bootable CWM SD card this should boot you directly into recovery
        • If using emmc CWM Recovery instead of SD card CWM Recovery, boot to recovery.
      8. When CWM boots select:
        • install zip from sdcard (Volume down 4 times, then n)
        • choose zip from sdcard (Volume down 1 time, then n)
        • (Hit volume up until you get to it, then n)
        • Confirm that you really want to run the update
          • Selecting this indicates that you take responsibility for your own actions.
      9. Wait patiently and follow onscreen directions
        • If you flashed apps2sd file, now would be the time to flash the kernel for full support.
        • Remove bootable CWM card from Nook Color and select reboot
        • If you get "Install Failed" after rebooting out of CWM this can be normal. Just reboot again.
      10. After reboot and unlocking your device select Zeam Launcher.
      11. Open up Market and Accept Terms and Service/Sign In.
        • Exit out of the market, wait a couple minutes for Gapps to sync everything up, and market to update
        • When the market icon has changes, open it again to accept terms of conditions again for the updated market.
        • You may not have to Accept Terms and Service or Sign In if you're updating from a previous MN version.
        • If you made it this far your nook should be successfully Rooted.
      12. Enable Non-Market Installs by running the Nook Color Tools App.
        • Uncheck the top box, then recheck the box again
      13. (OPTIONAL) To restore the SD card to a "usable" state
        • Insert bootable CWM card into Nook Color
        • Go to Settings > Device Info > SD card > UnMount > Format
        • This will wipe your SD card of all MN/CWM bootable abilities. If you use this you will have to reflash the SD card for future MN releases if you don't flash CWM to your emmc.
      14. If you are upgrading from manualnooter-5.01.21, or earlier:
        • You need to perform the market limited visibility steps found below
        • If the market dies on you after performing those steps:
          1. Go into manage applications
          2. Select Market
          3. Uninstall updates
          4. Open market and accept user agreement
          5. Exit market to let it update itself
          6. Open market and accept user agreement

  • How-To Video
  • Known issues without solutions:
    • Network Location isn't enabled -
      • Signature Issue -
    • News and Weather app/widget -
      • Reliant on network location -

  • Known issues and solutions:
    • Google Search widget crashes - This is an issue with the NC network location
      • Start the Google Search app
      • Press the "Menu" button
      • Select "Search settings"
      • Uncheck the box next to "Use My Location"
    • Read-To-Me playback problem -
      • If you have upgraded to manualnooter-5.08.20
        • Open Manage Applications
        • Select "All"
        • Locate and select "Adobe AIR"
        • Select "Uninstall Updates" from the upper right corner
        • Exit back to the launcher, and select the "Play Store"
        • Search for "Adobe AIR"
        • Uncheck the "Allow automatic updating" box
      • If you have not upgraded to manualnooter-5.08.20
        • Flash one of the incremental update files with CWM to update to manualnooter-5.08.20
        • Open the "Play Store"
        • Search for "Adobe AIR"
        • Uncheck the "Allow automatic updating" box
    • ROM Manager file selection -
      • After selecting "Install ROM from SD Card" you can't select a file to flash
        • Open "Manage Application"
        • Select "All"
        • Locate "ROM Manager"
        • Select "Uninstall Updates" from the upper right corner
        • Exit back to your launcher, and select "Play Store"
        • Search for "ROM Manager"
        • Uncheck the "Allow automatic updating"
    • YouTube won't play HD files
      • Older versions of YouTube allowed you to select "HQ" High Quality playback
        • Open "Manage Application"
        • Select "All"
        • Locate "YouTube"
        • Select "Uninstall Updates" from the upper right corner
        • Exit back to your launcher, and select "Play Store"
        • Search for "YouTube"
        • Uncheck the "Allow automatic updating"
    • IMEI Force Close -
      • There is no randomly generated IMEI in this version - This can be fixed by using the IMEI Generator HERE
    • Calendar sync -
      • Calendar does not sync properly with multiple calenders linked to your google account. Simply use one of the many free alternative calendar apps.
    • Market has limited visibility - This is a known tablet issue, not just a Nook Color one.
      1. Start Nook Color Tools
      2. Select the "All Settings" button
      3. Unplug your Nook Color from computer. (If Plugged in.)
      4. Choose "Manage Applications" from the list
      5. Select the "All" tab
      6. Scroll down to "Market" and select it
      7. Tap "Force stop"
      8. Tap "Clear cache"
      9. Tap the back button if you have SoftKeys running, else swipe right to left on the status bar at the bottom of the screen (from the clock to the book icon)
      10. Scroll up to "Google Services Framework" and select it
      11. Tap "Clear data"
      12. Tap "OK"
      13. Tap "Force stop"
      14. Press the n button to return to your launcher
      15. Start Market
      16. At the "An error has occurred" message, tap "OK"
      17. Hold your power button to turn off your Nook Color from the menu
      18. Turn your Nook Color back on and give it a moment to find your WiFi connection
      19. Start Market again, and the problem is resolved

  • Complete Wipe:
    • Flash back to clean stock rom
      • This will not work if you're using emmc ClockWorkMod Recovery
      • You must do both parts to completely wipe clean your Nook Color

  • Thanks To:
    • thespotlite from Android Creative Syndicate - How-To Video
    • bpk - SoftKeys
    • MrSiir - adbWireless
    • Gojimi - HomeCatcher
    • Suteru - Boot Animation
    • Ben74 - NookColor Tools
    • HamNCheese - B&N HomeLauncher
    • Michael Bentz - Zeam Launcher
    • pokey9000 - Original Nooter that started the AutoNooter and ManualNooter projects.
    • GabrialDestruir - Borrowed install instructions
    • Dalingrin - OC kernel
      • Please Note: If I'm using your app within ManualNooter or AutoNooter and you'd like it removed please send me a PM stating so and I will do so for future versions.
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