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Verizon Xperia PLAY Hard Cover > All

It's not very heavy, doesn't add much bulk, the back naturally takes the battery cover with it so you aren't dual-disassembling to get to your battery, and it functions well without blocking off any buttons or making L/R keys harder to access (like SO many others do).

Additionally... it's just good-looking! I swear a lot of the cases were just too damn fugly to care how well they protected the phone; this offers protection, ease of use and doesn't make your phone look hideous

It would look funny on an AT&T phone because there is no "Xperia" logo for the cut-out to reveal, but it looks nice. It looks like the top frame dips down for easy access to the Android keys but it occurs to me that it may only look like that because there is additional coverage on the corners there. So, is it any harder to press the front keys without accidentally touching the touch screen?
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