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Battery icon showed up both times when I did that after each time it happened.
Hmm... So it's crashing into LPM. Grr... This is gonna be a bitch to debug!!!!! (There's a good useful /proc/last_kmsg when the battery icon is up - but no way to pull it without blowing it away! Pull the charger and it's gone, power up by rebooting and it's probably gone...)

I may need to revert most of the patches from 2/7 and 1/30 out except the critical fixes (BTHID and the video/cpuidle interop fix), then go "patch a day" after that until I'm back at the 2/7 patch level. This way the exact problem patch can be identified. (There may be two of these - one for the SoDs some have had with 2/7, one with the crash-to-charging others have had starting with 1/30.)

Too bad "git bisect" is almost unusable when you need to wait a few days for feedback... It's easier to go patch-by-patch one per day (or maybe two per day... People can revert a half-day if a problem starts happening.)

I'm likely to start this tomorrow.
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