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Just to say thanks to codeworkx for the great work you are doing. I will not pick the galaxy nexus, am waiting for the Sgs III which I know will have far more superior specs compared to the Nexus. Why would I do that? Because am sure you will give me roms for it.
Admit it man, you love challenges and seem to always conquer them.
And there will be a another nexus device coming out at the end of this year. I am sure SG will have far more superior specs than Nexus devices but it all come down to firmware. Manufactures don't f*** with nexus devices they make it the way google wants it which is pretty much the way I want it so my next device will be a nexus for sure
රුසියාවට වඩා ලොකුයි ඉරිසියාව මල්ලි

Nokia N95->Xperia X1->HTC Desire->Galaxy S-> Galaxy S2