Default [WIP] CM9 ICS Camera (updated 03/09/2012)

This is a proof of concept working camera for CM9 ICS. I built the sources from TI omapzoom sources and stripped out some stuff not needed in ICS. Also heavily uses the wrapper HAL work that I built for Nexus one compatible Qualcomm cameras

It is a complete hack for now, but demonstrates that camera works with the tiler memory system, without need for ION. Only camera mode works for now. Video and Panorama mode do not. Also front facing camera does not work either. Preview would be a bit slow, as the decoding of frames is done in software and also there is a lot of debug logging. I have had this device for less than 2 weeks and hope things should improve as I learn more on how things work .

Here is a flashable zip file

The diffs w.r.t TI omapzoom is at

For now, the code is all hacks as you can see in the patch from the URL above. Once I have some more functionality, I will create a github repo for this work.

Credits are due to the CM team, Hashcode and whose ever code is used.

Give it a try and drop a line if camera works for you. Updates are in the second post.

Thank you for your generous donations. Every bit of it is greatly appreciated.