Omega Theme Studio

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You shouldn't try it out when you have free time, it will give you free time


This is a mode of StudioAndroid.
To go to this mode, run StudioAndroid > Options > Toggle Omega.
The purpose of modes is to specialize the GUI for specific actions and functions.

The purpose of the Omega Mode (AKA OmegaThemeStudio) is to create themes for Omega Apps on the fly.

Retrieving styles
  • Download styles from official TeamSyndicate dropbox (30 and more styles!)
    Upload your own style folder to the tool
    Import selected styles from a CM-Theme.apk or (!!)
Editing styles
  • Colorize the images, the same way as StudioAndroid does
    includes selecting specific styles (clock, battery, signal, notification etc)
Customize on the fly!
This tool supports customizing all available values in XMLs
That means:
  • Editing clock colors
    Editing clock dividers
    Editing icon locations (for all notifications seperately)
    Padding between icons
    Clock size
    Text size
    Every other editable value in strings.xml (icon locations)
  • Build with your own theme name and version
    Dev name
    Display text on startup
    E-Mail & website

1. Download StudioAndroid as instructed in post #1
2. Run it as instructed in post #1
3. Click Options > Toggle Omega