yeah, but i'm quite reluctant to do the repacking and debugging stuff.
while i do use a vm to run linux. and i just hate the idea of cygwin.

so far i'm happy with 0.1.0.

good job btw.

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Only if you want to know.
Kernel repacking for ramdisk changes is easy on Windows, once you have cygwin with Dxidas kitchen installed.
And that usb (adb) issue, I think it's gone here, after pushing usb.apk. The last one, from turls atrix cm9. Looks like there is some usb service missing, without this apk.
I am staying on 0.1.0, for now, waiting :)

Edit: And I forgot to say, olegfusion solved that d-bus errors from bluetooth. I hope it will be included.

But there is still bluesleep problem, when bluetooth is turned on.

And I am trying a battery fix, where battd wants some data from pds on boot, so I symlinked them in I can't say the battery lasts longer, but looks like those big drops and increases after restarts are gone. But it must be tested more.

And I noticed, sysctl needs script in init.d, for launching on boot.
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