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good lord. I think intead of aspergers, you need to research bipolar...

My sense isn't slow, laggy or fugly. Sense on ICS looks almost identical to ICS without a damn search bar stuck on each page and better looking widgets...
I still wonder why people buy these phones then complain about sense. That's like me buying a Ford Expedition, then complaining about the gas mileage...
It's actually more akin to buying a Ford <anything> and complaining about the Ford logo everywhere. Difference is that I can't swap that logo for anything else. With the phone I can. I don't care for Sense but I don't begrudge people their choice of liking it. Just like I don't care that people like Microsoft or Apple products. I don't, but I can't tell other people not to because it's their preference. So just remember the phrase "To each, their own"
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