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edit: I couldn't find much info on that Sandisk 32GB Mobile Ultra (class 6). With the right hardware, the read can go up to ~30 MB/s but write is ~8 MB/s. I couldn't find any benchmarks on random r/w. If I had to guess, I would say that based on Sandisk's reputation - it should have good random r/w.

I benched my Samsung with SD Tools in my Sensation (~25% full, so not optimal).
Write: 9.4 MB/s, Read: 25.9 MB/s
Yeah I think I did read somewhere (might have been on the back of the Ultra packaging) that it has better random r/w speeds.

Can you do a speed test with the Samsung with file sizes of 1MB and below? I'd like to see how it stacks up. I think it's comparable to a Class 4 card of the same size from what I've seen in other threads so it's a solid card.

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Im thinking lexar or samsung

Is the samsung worth the extra cash?
I'd go with the Samsung, from what I have read the Lexar doesn't have very good speeds with small random file sizes.