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I'm really tempted to try 18.6. But I had a release that my network was terrible unfortunately. Maybe it was 18.2. But I was so upset when I couldn't use this kernel. Choppy phone calls etc. It was bad. I reseted kernel to stock and my reception and calls are like 95% better. Still, I didn't think the kernel could cause that. So wanna use your kernel man!!! Haha.

Running Apex 1.0.2. Maybe I missed something.

Also, hotplug?? What mode does that put the phone in? Is it the most battery saving mode? I have hotplug, conservative, ondemand, userspace, powersaver, interactive and performance. I'm assuming they go up in power hungry-ness???

Thanks guys.

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Hot plug means that it will turn off 1 CPU when you switch off the screen to conserve more battery. It contributes to battery saving, recommended governor is to use conservative! Hope that helped!

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