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1. You need to restore you phone back to stock using gtg's unbrick or heimdall 1 click. (See my post)

2. ATT's GB latest is not rootable thru SOC. You can use odin to flash an insecure kernel (http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1212485) but you will also need to update superuser binaries and busybox as well. Running the insecure kernel for OC, you will lose the video recorder and video player.
It doesn't sound like you can understand enough yet to do this.

3. If you want a stock att and rooted, go to the dev section:
check out zeus stock 5.2, vagabond or victory. These are GB stock base roms with root already done. There is also dman's deodexed, rooted gb uclb3 already with oc kernel...no video
Thanks for the info!

The first step has been done, restored the phone using Heimdall one click after bricking it, the phone was restored with a UCKJ4 2.36 GingerBread stock ATT rom (Kernel and I am also rooted using SuperOneClick.

I don't fully understand step two, will try it once I get some more knowledge.

Question about the third step... does HDMI work in any of those custom stock roms? I use HDMI a lot.