What do we need?

We need sources for (sorted by priority):
- omx plugins (ICS compatible codecs for use with MFC5.X)
- camera module (camera.exynos4.so)
- audio modules (audio.primary.exynos4.so, audio_policy.exynos4.so)
- RIL header files (.h files)
- GPS header files (.h files)
- hwcomposer or at least the header files (hwcomposer.exynos4.so)
- sensor module (sensors.exynos4.so)
- gralloc and ump (gralloc.exynos4.so, libUMP.so)

If it's not possible to release some sources because of NDA's, then at least header files, interface documentation or instructions how to use samsung proprietary files (binarys) with AOSP.

Now someone has to start a petition and advertise it. I'll not do because this will steal more of my non existing freetime. ;)
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