Hi, i found a workaround to buy that apps over the WebMarket.

i'm not responsible for any damage
HTML knowledge required

Chrome explaination.

1. Uninstall the App on your Phone if installed

2. Right click on Purchased ("Gekauft") and choose last entry of the menu (German called:"Element untersuchen")
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3. Then in the Dev Tool there is selected:
"<span class="buy-button-price" id="bubble-com.adobe.flashplayer-offer-1">Installiert</span>"
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over it, there is:
<a class="buy-link buy-button goog-inline-block" href="javascript:void(0)" data-c="3" data-a="3" data-docattribution="Adobe Systems" data-docconsumptionuri="" data-docid="com.adobe.flashplayer" data-doctitle="Adobe Flash Player 11" data-dociconurl="" data-doctype="1" data-parentdocid="" data-doccurrencycode="USD" data-docprice="Kostenlos" data-docpricemicros="0" data-isfree="true" data-ispurchased="true" data-offertype="1" data-rentalgrantperioddays="" data-rentalactiveperiodhours=""><span class="buy-button-price" id="bubble-com.adobe.flashplayer-offer-1">Installiert</span></a>

Search data-ispurchased="true" and change it to false.
(double click on true
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, and write down false then press enter)

Switch to the Browser and click on the button, choose the device and CC.

This works for me, hope it help.